Retail Division

Virginia Industries for the Blind (VIB) operates Base Supply Centers (BSC’s) on Military bases and in Federal Government buildings throughout Virginia. Each BSC provides a full range of products tailored to the needs and requirements of the Federal Government and Department of Defense (DoD) customers at the location, ranging from general use office supplies to cleaning supplies, tools and uniform items. This 3PL (Third Party Logistics) approach provides a One-Stop shopping opportunity for customers requiring OEM, branded commercial products and SKILCRAFT products. These stores provide a “Safe Haven” by helping Government Purchase Card holders (GPC) purchase products compliant with 41 CFR Chapter 51 and FAR Subpart 8.7.

The VIB Retail Store Division is divided into two geographic areas, Northern Virginia and Southern Virginia. For your shopping convenience, office supplies, cleaning supplies and general use consumables are also available on our e-commerce site at

Northern Virginia Centers

Southern Virginia Centers
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